This Is How Many Serial Killers Are Under Each Zodiac Sign

Just like anyone else, serial killers fall under star signs. It’s really interesting to see where some of the most infamous killers landed. It’s also a great way to humanize them. Serial killers are fascinating to many but they are really just terrible people not the larger than life monsters they want people to believe they are. Most of the killers were born under Gemini, Pisces, and Virgo.


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There are 8 serial killers born under this sign, including Paul Knowles, the Casanova Killer, who murdered about 18 to 35 people. The most famous is probably Keith Jesperson, the Smiley Face Killer, who killed 8 women across the US. He got his nickname because he signed his letters with a smiley face.


Under Taurus there are 5 serial killers, including 2 notorious ones. HH Holmes killed anywhere between 9 to 200 victims during his time and is most famous for his murder hotel in Chicago during the world’s fair. Albert Fish was a masochist, cannibal, and had some pretty disgusting fetishes. He killed 3 to 9 victims and is most famous for his Grace Budd letter.


There are about 12 Gemini serial killers, and many of them are quite infamous. Jeffrey Dahmer, the Son of Sam David Berkowitz, and one of the Hillside Stranglers, Kenneth Bianchi, were all born under this sign.

Leonard Lake was as well, who killed 11 to 25 people with the help of his partner Charles Ng. He built a dungeon where he was able to keep and torture many of his victims.


There are only 4 Cancers on the list of serial killers, including Genene Jones, the nurse who is responsible for the deaths of up to 60 infants. Carl Panzram is probably the most famous guy on the list. He claimed to have killed 21 victims and sodomized nearly 1000 men and boys.


Leo has just 3 serial killers. The 2 most infamous are Myra Hindley and the Cleveland Strangler Anthony Sowell. Myra is most well-known for her mugshot with her big blonde beehive. She and her partner Ian Brady carried out what is best known as the Moors Murders. Sowell murdered 11 African American women from 2007-2009. Police found the bodies in his home and buried in the backyard.


There are 10 Virgo serial killers, including Rodney Alcala who is most known for being on the Dating Game back in the 70s. The Boston Strangler Albert DeSalvo, who many people doubt was the murderer for all the crimes.

Ed Gein is a major influence of many of our favourite Hollywood murderers, including Norman Bates and Leatherface. Henry Lee Lucas is probably more famous for all the murders he claimed to commit than he actually did. He confessed to over 150 murders with no proof.


There are only 4 serial killer Libras. The most famous is probably the other Hillside Strangler Angelo Buono Jr who, along with Kenneth Bianchi, terrorized the Hollywood Hills in 1977-78. The pair murdered 10 people before they were finally caught.


There are just 6 serial killers born under Scorpio, including Nannie Doss who was known as the Giggling Granny. She was a black widow, and had just murdered her 5th husband before she was arrested. The other most infamous Scorpio is technically not a serial killer. Charles Manson earned the title because he had ordered his “cult” to murder for him though and was sentenced to life in prison because of it.


Sagittarius has 6 serial killers. Edmund Kemper is known as the Co-Ed Killer and is a giant–he stands at 6’9”. He killed 10 people including his grandparents and mother. He also helped FBI profiler John E Douglas understand the mind of a serial killer. When people talk about Ted Bundy they usually bring up his good looks first. He was an incredibly dangerous man though, killing at least 30 women and girls.


There are 6 Capricorn serial killers, including the other Moors Murderer Ian Brady and Leonard Lake’s partner Charles Ng. One of the most infamous murderers born under this sign is Dean Corll. Corll killed at least 28 boys in Houston from 1970-73. He was incredibly sadistic in his killings.


Under Aquarius there are just 4 serial killers including Joel Rifkin, who became a joke on the TV show Seinfeld when Elaine dates a man with the same name. The most notorious killer under this sign is Jerry Brudos, who killed at least 4 women between 1968-69. He had been the longest incarcerated inmate in Oregon’s prison system when he died in 2006 after serving 37 years.


There are 12 serial killers born under Pisces, including Pee Wee Gaskins, Aileen Wuornos, the Green River Killer Gary Ridgway, and Dennis Rader. This sign obviously has a lot of infamous names but none more than John Wayne Gacy and Richard Ramirez.

Gacy is most well-known for his clown character Pogo, and he murdered around 34 teenage boys. Ramirez, who was known as the Night Stalker, would break into his victims’ homes at night while they slept before murdering them.