The Stories of 14 Heroes From The Las Vegas Tragedy

There are heroes among us.

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During Sunday’s massacre, many went above and beyond to help. There were hundreds, if not thousands, of heroes out there risking it all to help the person next to them. Here are 14 of those heroes…

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Las Vegas bartender Heather Gooze held the hand of a young Canadian man as he died and then stayed with him for hours after promising his girlfriend and mother she would not leave his side. “I would hope somebody would do it for me. I would hope that they wouldn’t let me be alone.”

As rounds rained down on crowds during the festival, 17-year-old teenager Bailey Thompson ran towards it in an attempt to aid in any way possible. “As everyone ran away from the gunshots, I ran toward them, trying to find anybody that I could that was injured, couldn’t walk, wasn’t breathing, wasn’t responding.” Thompson, who is training to be in the Army, dodged multiple rounds as he loaded people into the bed of his truck in an attempt to rush them to safety.




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