According To Your Zodiac, What Superhero Would You Be And Why!

What if the Zodiac signs were superheroes? Have you ever thought about what superhero you would be? Each Zodiac sign would have its own unique way of destroying villains and saving the earth whether it does this with the use of fancy high tech gadgets, magic, and other powers like invisibility and elasticity. Do you think you possess the traits that make people superheroes? Read on below to know what superhero your zodiac sign would be based on the characteristics they possess. 

Aries would be Superman/ Supergirl

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The Aries adventurous nature would appreciate being able to fly and explore the universe and all its secrets and your ego would accept nothing less than that. You keep urging yourself to be better, go faster and be stronger although you feel almost superhuman when your feeling of invisibility kicks in. Being Superman or Supergirl is perfect for Aries especially as it suits your adventurous natures and while you fly around the universe saving the world, stay away from superman’s greatest villain.

Taurus would be The Incredible Hulk.

Taurus would most probably be the Incredible Hulk because of its very nature. Your nature has a gradual climb to anger but when you get angry? Watch out. Your rage is vastly disproportionate to the cause of your anger, and this more than anything else makes you the incredible hulk. In your rage, you break and destroy anything unfortunate to be around you at the moment. Your anger is a tool which you can use to create pathways for yourself, remove obstacles and destroy your enemies just like the Hulk does.

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Gemini would be Deadpool.

The very dual nature of Deadpool appeals to the Geminis who are as smart-mouthed as Deadpool, love sex the way he does and is in love with heroes who have awesome names. Also, the icing on the cake is the regeneration ability of Deadpool which Geminis would totally need because of the impatience they have for slow healing things. Now add some badass fighting to the mix, and you have a perfect Deadpool on your hands.  

Cancer would be Harry Potter.

First off, Harry Potter is a superhero regardless of the fact that he used magic because he accomplished what superheroes accomplish, killing the villain and saving the world. Cancers would make great Harry Potter’s because they are drawn to magic and magical worlds in which nothing is like it seems. Another reason why Cancers would make perfect Harry Potter’s is that they associate with Harry’s endless supply of humanity which he retained even after he had gone through a lot of bad things. Like Harry Potter, you can easily save your friends and family from any Voldemort lurking in the shadows.

Leo would be The Flash.

Leos have a thing for attention and would find it in the heroic exploits of The Flash which leaves everyone guessing who he is. The lion in them would associate perfectly with the protector in Barry Allen who dashes around the city at night apprehending metahumans and keeping the people of central City safe. The Flash’s character would also suit Leos perfectly because of their shared need to be better, faster and stronger than any other person and the protectiveness of the flash is one other trait that makes the flash perfect for them. In every way possible, Leos are best suited to be the Flash.

Virgo would be Dr. Who.

Being very good at organizing is one trait that would be a big help to Virgos if they become Dr. Who, who is himself a professional at organizing. Didn’t he once keep all the contents of a house in a phone box? Virgos would also make awesome Dr. Who’s because of their skill at solving problems using analytical thinking processes instead of special gadgets or powers. This show of intelligence would appeal to Virgos a lot who are themselves very intelligent.  

Libra would be Spider-Man.

Spider-Man’s sense of justice and balance which shows itself in his avoidance of violence would appeal greatly to the Libra. They would associate with the fact that he keeps the criminals he apprehends tied up and ready for the police and the justice system to punish. Libras would also enjoy the greater range of sensitivity and other perks that come with Spider-Man’s attachment to a spider-like being able to scale walls and grab distant objects using the sticky web he generates. Another point that makes Spiderman a perfect fit for Libras is the graceful acrobat like the movement of Spiderman as he swings from building to building through the city, saving people and apprehending criminals.

Scorpio would be Batman.

Scorpios would make an excellent protector for Gotham city after all they are a small step away from being bonafide members of Gotham city. They have all the characteristics of Batman including the minimally broken psyche, and intense brooding and dealing with the dangerous criminal underworld of Gotham city would be a pleasure they wouldn’t be able to pass up.

Sagittarius would be Antman.

As adventurous as Sagittarius is, being Antman would be a dream come true because although they can’t cause a lot of harm in their micro size, they can explore many spaces closed to them before. The opportunities would be limitless, and they would thoroughly enjoy it. They would be able to bore into the earth, spy on conversations by literally being an ant on the wall, explore little crevices and even have fun forming alliances with other ants. This is not to say that when the time comes to save the earth and destroy the villain, they wouldn’t be up to the task.

Capricorn would be Wonder Woman.

The Capricorn sign would do an outstanding job of being Wonder woman. The resilience which is embedded in the very DNA of wonder woman is a trait that they can recognize and understand very well because they possess the very same thing. Their bravery and determination would keep them upright no matter how many knocks are given to bring them down. They will get up again and again, finding ways to reach their goal just like wonder woman did.  

Aquarius would be Thor.

Thor is the perfect superhero match for Aquarius because the very captivating story of family betrayal and survival based on mythological stories from ancient fables is entrancing to the Aquarians who love a good story. Thor’s strength, loyalty, and unwavering determination would also remind Aquarians about their core characteristics.

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Pisces would be Catwoman.

Pisces is best suited to Catwoman for a lot of reasons. One of these being that just like the cat, Pisceans display a wide range of contrary emotions. Another reason is that Pisceans are fiercely protective of their loved ones and are ever ready to use those claws on you if you make the mistake of threatening them. Their affinity for animals and their possession of the feline’s grace and savagery also makes a really good case for them.

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Having known what superhero you are based on your Zodiac sign, suit up let us go about our duties saving the world and destroying the villains.  

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