5 Reasons You REALLY Shouldn’t Mess With A Libra…

Libras would always prefer to keep the peace and are genuinely very nice people… howevershould they ever feel threatened they will not back down.

Here’s 8 big-fat reasons that you really should think twice before you underestimate or mess with a Libra.

REASON #1: They’re Logical, Calculating And Patient.

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Unlike some of the other more fiesty signs of the zodiac Libras are not irrational hot heads and posses the ability to be logical, calculating and patient. This means they are definitely not the types of people that you want to get on your wrong side.

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Calm And Patient

Instead of acting out of sheer emotion they will think carefully about their next move and always make moves and decisions which which will be advantageous to them and not simply based on emotion.

REASON #2: They ALWAYS Know A Lot More Than They Let On.

Don’t assume that you know what a Libra does and doesn’t know…

Libra Knows

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A Libra always knows more than they let on and thinks about things more than most people realize. People often underestimate them in this way but the Libra will just use this to their advantage ?

REASON #3: They Can Smell BS From A Mile Away.

Always, always be straight up with a Libra because they can tell when a person is BSing them every single damn time.

BS Radar

They would much rather know the cold hard truth even if it isn’t perfect than a fabricated lie… and they will respect you a lot more for telling it.

REASON #4: They’re Loyal To The BONE And Fiercely Protective Of Their Friends, Family And Loved Ones.

Libra takes loyalty seriously and if you try to mess with one of their pack there WILL be consequences.

Libra Friends And Loyalty

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They look out for those that mean the most to them and if you’re planning on messing with the loved one of a Libra than you’ll have made two enemies… instead of just one.

REASON #5: They’re Not Afraid To Bail Altogether If You Just Keep Hurting Them Over And Over Again.

Libra will not sit by and let themselves be abused repeatedly emotionally or physically.

Libra Bails

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They’re tough creatures who refuse to play the victim and if you are hurting them then they aren’t afraid to simply BAIL altogether and cut you from their life.

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